Home News Cincinnati Resident Strikes Gold with $500,000 Prize from Psychedelic Payout Scratch-Off

Cincinnati Resident Strikes Gold with $500,000 Prize from Psychedelic Payout Scratch-Off


CINCINNATI – A lucky resident of Cincinnati is celebrating a windfall after clinching a staggering $500,000 top prize in the Ohio Lottery’s exhilarating $10 Psychedelic Payout scratch-off game.

The winning ticket was purchased at Speedway #9574, nestled at 2857 River Road in Cincinnati, adding an extra layer of local excitement to the jackpot victory.

Following the necessary federal and state tax withholdings, the fortunate winner is set to pocket an impressive sum of approximately $360,000. Surpassing formidable odds of 1 in 600,000, her triumph is a testament to both luck and perseverance.

As of March 11th, the Ohio Lottery tantalizingly reveals the availability of four additional $500,000 top prizes in the Psychedelic Payout game, alongside a plethora of other enticing rewards awaiting eager players.

In recognition of their pivotal role in facilitating the winning transaction, Speedway #9574 will be awarded a generous sales bonus amounting to $5,000, underscoring the symbiotic relationship between lottery retailers and their fortunate patrons.

Since its inception in 1974, the Ohio Lottery has been a steadfast supporter of education, having contributed over $31 billion to this noble cause. To learn more about the Ohio Lottery’s unwavering commitment to education and its profound impact on communities, interested parties are encouraged to visit www.ohiolottery.com/supportingeducation.

Amidst the thrill of winning, the Ohio Lottery continues to serve as a beacon of hope and opportunity for residents across the state, offering a chance at life-changing fortunes while bolstering educational initiatives for generations to come.