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Got Snow? Call The Uber of Snow Plowing


USA – Lets face it Ohioans we will eventually get some snow, now a company is trying to cash in on managing contractors for plowing.

The company called Snowhub, is a automated snow clearing service that you simply order a plow online and pay and someone comes and cleans up your snow-piles. The company works much like the uber service were you have contractors that sign up and are available in different areas of the state and they are notified when they get a job.

Snowhub even has a app that lets you preorder services, track your plower, know cost ahead of time, you can even tip if the plower goes above and beyond. On the other side contractors make more money for being efficient and getting multiple jobs done in a timely fashion.

Pricing is based on what services you want, sidewalks cleaned, plowing, de-icing, and salting. All is based off how deep the snow is, length of driveway, etc. The price will be shown before agreeing to the job.

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