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“God Save the Queen” Local Brit Reports on Today, a Day of Mourning of a Lifetime Queen


CIRCLEVILLE – Being born in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth II was my Queen. I was born under her rule and grew up with her in power for my entire life. To other countries, it may seem unusual that our nation we still live under a monarchy that my people still value.

This is something that a high percentage of “Brits” are proud of and will defend the name of the sovereign. As a child in a British school, we learned about all the Kings and Queens of the past. I always saw it as an honor to be born in a country with such history and pride and to think that for 53 years of my life I called Queen Elizabeth II my queen.

Unfortunately, over the years the monarchy has encountered a number of unforgivable issues. Some that are blown up by the British press but others that really should have been dealt with by law enforcement agencies. When in the spotlight light 24/7, things are going to happen and fingers are constantly pointed.

The Queen and her family have always been under fire regarding income and why the taxpayer has to fund the Monarchy, in 1993 the Queen began to pay taxes, and estates were funded by her wealth and not the nation taxpayers’ monies. Another issue was with the former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who resigned in July after a series of scandals. The Queen righted that wrong and swore in the new Prime Minister just days before her death. Even with these scandals we always believed that our Queen worked diligently to do the right thing.

The news of her passing hit the world and for Brits like me, time just stopped. The end of a historic reign and an amazing woman. Memories of the Queen came flooding back as I personally remember in 1977 celebrating the silver jubilee on our street. The entire community came together and the mayor of our town stopped by and gave all the children a commemorative coin.

Queen Elizabeth II brought people and nations together, she brought tourism to the country, and she helped our (GB) and other commonwealth countries succeed in industry. There was so much behind-the-scenes work she accomplished because not everything needs to be shouted about. The HRH Royal Warrant of Appointment stamp on certain products, that can be found all across the British Isles meant these are the best of the best. These companies supplied goods to the Royalty and could be purchased by locals.

People outside of Great Britain think that she sits around all day on the thrown while her foot’s man and butlers wait on her. This was in no way true! She attended the women’s institute in Sandringham and took the minutes from the monthly meetings where she was seen making cups of tea for the other ladies. A good British cup of tea, with milk and sugar! At 96 years old she still met with her horse racing trainer two days before her passing, her horse Pimlico won that race. She met with figureheads from around the world and for 70 years she balanced the union between our country and the outside world. She was the constant in Brit’s eyes she was the person who led our country.

I could keep listing all the amazing things this amazing woman has done for my country. As a nation, we cherish the monarchy and will do so for many years to come. I have learned not to judge and believe what is reported about this establishment because there are literally spin doctors paid to bring down the royal family.

Born and bred British citizen I am sad that I can’t be there amongst the millions in London as the atmosphere I am sure is amazing, sad but yet a sense of unity. I am also saddened that I can’t be there with my 83-year-old mother watching the events on TV. Unfortunately, with major illnesses hitting me hard over the past years and then recently Covid shutting down the country. The cost of traveling across the Atlantic, traveling across Great Britain to my home town, and the exchange rate is very tough. I will return very soon to see my family and friends and visit the many historic places I grew up with.

Living in England up until the year 2003, I experienced many events that brought the country to a standstill. Diana’s death silenced the nation but this Funeral will be like nothing you’ve ever seen. The uniforms of the active soldiers, these men and women are honored to personally serve the Queen. The people of my nation and commonwealth will be in silence and in morn the entire country will shut down. This will be biggest military procession to ever be seen in the country, the biggest security presence ever, and something that no one needs to miss, and let me tell you, this isn’t a show, these men and women are all British and commonwealth military personnel. I write this at 5.25 am EST as I watch the beginning of the most, truly colorful and joyous funeral we will ever see.

“God save the Queen,” Mark Sandy

On September 19th at 11 am GMT the funeral will begin.