On Saturday, Circleville residents gathered downtown for a fun-filled day of arts, crafts, food, music and skateboarding. Full Circle Skateboards hosted a street skating event at Bialycorp’s Circle Station on West Main Street.

Professional skate team Revive Skateboards was the highlight of the day for the local skateboarders. The Revive team showed up around 1:00 pm with several very talented skaters. The locals had a great time skateboarding with the Revive crew. Andy Schrock, one-off the most recognized skaters in the world, was very impressed with all the activities happening downtown Saturday.

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John Hill, a professional skater from California, was one of the skaters in attendance. Hill was appreciative of the time he got to spend in Circleville. John was spending a few days in Ohio with his Revive teammates on his way home from a trip to New York.

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Many spectators of the event expressed surprise by how well the skateboarding was. It was a great day for skateboarding and Circleville. Plans are already being made for Revive to return to Circleville in the spring.