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Food Truck Helps Community with Free Breakfast Outreach


Early in the morning, a crew of men and women gather at the Circle of Light Church to prepare an old grey bread truck for a circuit around Circleville. These deliveries aren’t for making money as a business, but the people of the food truck are working towards a higher calling.

Started a year ago by George Scranton, Jim Leist, and a group of helpers, the food truck has blossomed from feeding just a few people with two dozen eggs a week to a massive all-morning circuit that takes a farms ransom – 45 dozen eggs a day. The current record is feeding 483 people in one day. We were told by workers that Mid Ohio Food Bank is a major contributor of food to help feed the needy in the community, but there are more that help out.

When we visited the truck parked at the corner of Morris St. and N. Court Street, the truck was loaded with dozens of cases of donuts, provided by Lindsey’s bakery. My Auto Care also provides routine check-ups on the truck to make sure that it continues to run drive safely in the city.

A worker told us told us “Its something to feed the community…. To do God’s work. Not everyone can go to a good [food] bank, so this is a mobile food bank.”

However, such a sizable organization is not without its challenges. The entire operation is volunteer driven, and more help is desperately needed. One of the main organizers has had to step back from helping due to family health issues. Normally, the truck runs 5 days per week, but has been cut to 3 days. Anyone that is willing to help, or needs food, please call or text Patsy at 740-412-6350


Retraction: We misattributed a quote to John Ramey concerning the Mid Ohio Foodbank. We are investigating the proper source of attribution to that quote.