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Flock Camera Leads to Grove City Drug Bust, Recovered Stolen Vehicle, and Cash Seizure


Grove City – (March 11, 2024): In a recent operation highlighting the effectiveness of new crime-fighting technology, patrol officers apprehended a suspect and recovered a significant amount of drugs, a firearm, and stolen property.

The incident began with a stolen vehicle alert triggered by one of the city’s recently installed Flock cameras, a system designed to automatically read license plates. Officers swiftly responded to the notification and located the stolen vehicle. Upon further observation, they witnessed what appeared to be a drug transaction taking place.

Swift Action, Significant Recovery

With probable cause established, officers moved in and apprehended the suspect. A subsequent search of the vehicle and the suspect yielded a large quantity of illegal drugs, a handgun, and over $5,000 in cash. The stolen vehicle was also recovered and returned to its rightful owner.

Flock Safety: A Valuable Tool

This successful operation underscores the potential of Flock cameras as a valuable tool in keeping our community safe. These innovative systems can provide real-time information on stolen vehicles, aiding law enforcement in recovering stolen property and potentially preventing further crimes.

Learn More About Flock Safety

For residents interested in learning more about Flock cameras and how they contribute to a safer community, a link to their website has been provided: [bit.ly/FlockSafety]