Home News Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office Conducts Sting Operations Arrest Teacher, Dentist, Engineer

Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office Conducts Sting Operations Arrest Teacher, Dentist, Engineer


Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office Takes Aim at Demand in Human Trafficking with Sting Operations

Canal Winchester & Lancaster, Ohio (March 11, 2024): In a concerted effort to combat human trafficking and protect the safety of Fairfield County residents, Sheriff Alex Lape announced the successful execution of undercover sting operations at local hotels.

Investigators with the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office strategically placed online advertisements on websites known to be frequented by individuals seeking sexual services. These ads acted as a lure, attracting those willing to engage in such activities. Once contact was established, undercover officers arranged meetings at predetermined hotel locations within Fairfield County.

Arrested were:

Michael Staten, 43, Columbus- Warehouse Worker

David Knoll, 68, Glenford- Welder

Joseph Colliver, 44, Columbus-Electrician

Derrick Mcintosh, 43, Pickerington – Engineer

Rakesh Biswa, 25, Columbus-Unknown

Ruey Bruce, 60, Pickerington- Professor (Columbus State)

Jamie Lee Anthony, 39, Columbus-General Contractor

Justin Kwame Botwe, 39, Canal Winchester – Electrical

Shane W. Bolen, 31, Grub Hub Driver

Michael Ferrell, 37, Lancaster- Customer Service Rep

Christopher James Toth, 38, Grove City- Call Center

Ronald Griffin, 56, Lancaster- Pediatric Dentist

Nathan Desalvo, 18, Pickerington- Auto Detailer

Wesley T. Jordan, 20, Columbus- Laborer

Eric Jones Moore, 56, Galena – Sales

Adam Alexander, 32, New Albany – HVAC

Seth Lee Schirtizinger. 35, Ostrander- Landscaper

Targeting the Root Cause

Sheriff Lape emphasized that these sting operations were not merely about apprehending individuals involved in prostitution. They were a critical step in dismantling the network that fuels human trafficking. “By disrupting the demand for paid sexual services,” Sheriff Lape explained, “we can significantly weaken the grip these criminal organizations have on vulnerable populations.” Human trafficking is a pervasive national issue, and the Sheriff’s Office is committed to playing a proactive role in its eradication.

Collaboration Leads to Success

The sting operations were not a solitary endeavor by the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office. Collaboration with key partners proved instrumental in their success. Sheriff Lape expressed his gratitude to the Lancaster Police Department’s Major Crimes Unit and the Fairfield County Law Director’s Office. “Their expertise and support were invaluable in planning and executing these operations,” he stated. This collaborative approach exemplifies the strength of interagency cooperation in tackling complex criminal activity.

Building a Safer Community

The Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office prioritizes the safety and security of all residents. Prostitution is not just a victimless crime. It can escalate into more serious offenses, creating a web of danger for the community at large. By cracking down on prostitution rings, law enforcement can create a safer environment for everyone.

Community Engagement is Key

Sheriff Lape concluded by highlighting the importance of community engagement in the fight against crime. He encouraged residents to report any suspected criminal activity to the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office by calling 740-652-7900. Additionally, citizens can download the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office app for a convenient and anonymous way to submit tips. Working together, law enforcement and the community can create a more secure Fairfield County for all.