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Fairfield County Sheriff Commends K9 Unit in 134 Deployments Since October in Recent Bust


Fairfield County – Sheriff Lape commended a recently added K9 unit after a significant bust.

A routine traffic stop in Fairfield County resulted in the capture of a suspect wanted in Athens County and the seizure of a significant amount of illegal drugs.

On January 16th, at approximately 9:15 AM, Fairfield County Sheriff’s deputies pulled over an older model Chevrolet pickup truck driven by Curtis Coleman Jr., 31, of Lancaster. Coleman was identified as a known suspect with an outstanding felony warrant related to drug charges in Athens County.

During the traffic stop, deputies deployed a narcotics canine. The canine unit was alerted to the presence of illegal drugs in the vehicle. A subsequent search led to the discovery of:

  • Approximately 216 grams of methamphetamine
  • 343 grams of marijuana individually packaged for illegal sale
  • 10 Oxycontin pills
  • Used drug paraphernalia
  • $1,108 in cash

Coleman was arrested on new felony charges of aggravated possession of drugs and aggravated trafficking of drugs, along with accompanying misdemeanor drug charges. He was also taken into custody on an outstanding felony drug warrant from Athens County.

“This stop not only removed a wanted suspect from the streets but also prevented a significant amount of dangerous drugs from reaching our community,” said Sheriff (Insert Sheriff’s Last Name). “We are committed to working together with our partners to combat drug trafficking and keep our residents safe.”

Coleman was transported to the Fairfield County Jail and is awaiting arraignment on the new charges.