Home News Fairfield county launches pediatric program in partnership with Children’s Hospital.  

Fairfield county launches pediatric program in partnership with Children’s Hospital.  

photo from fairfield.org

Fairfield County – Fairfield Medical Center (FMC) launches a pediatric program in partnership with Children’s Hospital.  The partnership will allow FMC to provide more comprehensive care to its youngest patients.

According to the press release, Nationwide Children’s Hospital will employ and provide physicians to staff the in-house and on-call model.  The nursing staff, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, hospitalists and many others will be staffed by FMC and will care for the admissions on the fourth floor of the hospital.  The hopes for this model is to decrease the number of children that are transferred to Columbus Children’s Hospital helping ease the burden of travel for families.

“The overall goal of this partnership is to provide the best possible care for the patients in our community, right here at home,” said John R. “Jack” Janoso, Jr. FMC president and CEO. “We want our community to know they will be well-cared for locally by physicians they already know, and in a facility that is close to home.”

Dr. Nadeem Khan will serve in the road of NCH Hospitalist Medical Director.  The six hospitalists who will serve pediatric patients at FMC have lived and worked in the community for a number of years:

Physicians who are part of the program include:

Dr. Jean Robertson, Medical Director
Dr. Jennifer Gibson
Dr. Sara Welsh
Dr. Robin Rhodes
Dr. Kara Tencza
Dr. Agnes Laus
The hospitalist will be responsible for a well=baby nursery, with attendance at all C-sections; newborn resuscitation; short-stay pediatric observation cases; ED consults and other pediatric support for adult subspecialty services with FMC’s general surgeons.

FMC has been working on pediatric coverage for several years.