Home News Fairfield County Implements New Practice Model to Enhance Child Welfare Services

Fairfield County Implements New Practice Model to Enhance Child Welfare Services


LANCASTER, Ohio (February 22, 2024) – Fairfield County Job and Family Services – Protective Services is proud to announce its participation in the Practice in Action Together (PACT) initiative, a new shared practice model launched by the Public Children Services Association of Ohio (PCSAO).

PACT was identified as a key component for modernizing Ohio’s children services agencies, and Fairfield County is one of eight counties selected for the initial implementation phase. This innovative model focuses on:

  • Family-centered approach: PACT emphasizes family values and fosters positive relationships between workers and families.
  • Collaborative decision-making: Both families and workers are encouraged to actively participate and share feedback, shaping the implementation process.
  • Continuous improvement: Fairfield County aims to utilize PACT as a springboard for continuous improvement, seeking opportunities to enhance services and support through grants and pilot programs.

“The purpose of PACT is to elevate healing and build stronger relationships,” said Sarah Fortner, Deputy Director of Protective Services at Fairfield County Job and Family Services. “We believe this practice will strengthen our collaboration with families and ultimately lead to better outcomes for everyone involved.”

Fairfield County’s commitment to PACT reflects its dedication to providing the best possible services and support for the families and children it serves. By implementing this innovative approach, the agency aims to achieve greater equity and positive outcomes for families, workers, and the community as a whole.