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South Central Power Brings High-Speed Fiber Internet to Rural Communities Including, Highland, Ross, Pike and Scioto.


South Central Power Company (SCP) announces the launch of connectSCP, a new division offering high-speed fiber internet service to underserved communities in southwestern and eastern Ohio.

Key Points:

  • Grant funding: SCP received $98 million in grants from BroadbandOhio to support the project in 14 counties.
  • Initial rollout: The first phase connects the New Market area in Highland and Adams counties, with service starting this summer. Somerton, Belmont County, will follow shortly.
  • Expansion plans: connectSCP aims to connect over 2,500 homes and businesses in Highland County and expand further based on future opportunities.
  • Benefits:
    • Symmetrical speeds starting at 500 Mbps
    • Improved reliability and future-proof capacity
    • Potential for economic development, remote work opportunities, and telehealth services


  • Rick Lemonds, President & CEO of SCP: “Our goal is that every member of the cooperative has access to high-speed internet… We want to be part of the solution to closing the digital divide.”
  • Tom Musick, Vice President of Engineering and Broadband: “This will be a game-changer for these communities… to attract remote workers, empower telehealth services and online schooling, boost economic development overall…”

How to get connected:

  • Visit connectSCP.com and register your interest.
  • Call 800-282-5064 (option 2 for fiber) or use the contact form on the SCP website.

This initiative by SCP addresses the critical need for improved internet access in rural areas, potentially bringing significant benefits to residents and businesses.