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Fairfield County – Fireworks and a Show in Lancaster


Fairfield – Fairfield county will celebrate the holiday on Monday, July 4th starting with a parade.

All activities start on Monday July 4th

THE PARADE will start at 10:00 am, leaving from the Columbus Street exit of the fairgrounds, heading south to Main Street, turning left, and then back to the fairgrounds on Broad Street.


Gates open as soon as the parade is finished.

The only entrance will be at Broad Street.

Pricing:Cars: $15.00 Trucks with Trailers $30.00 RV’s/Motorhomes: $50.00 Motorcycles: $5.00

CRAFT SHOW STARTING AT 2:00 pm UNDER THE GRANDSTANDSMUSIC FROM THE MAIN-STAGE DJ Mike O’Reilly, and headliner Slaw Dog starts at 8 up until the fireworks at 10:00 pm.

FIREWORKS Presented by Hamburg Fireworks, starting promptly at 10:00 PM.

All costs for the fireworks, live music, and other events were paid by the non profit with private monies, no tax money was used.