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Enjoy the Frontier Lifestyle in the Scioto Valley with the “Sons of Liberty”

The "Sons of Liberty Muzzle Loading Club" spring rendezvous on a misty morning.

Jackson County — Do you want to be someone from early Ohio history? The best way to start doing that locally is coming up again this fall and winter.

As part of my activity in local history, tours, and various periods of re-enacting, I am a member of the “Sons of Liberty Muzzle Loading Club.”

No shooting is required, but members enjoy camping out in tents twice a year as authentically as possible for the pre-Civil War American frontier. Tomahawk and knife throwing, and archery, are also not required – but are enjoy – as well as other fun authentic activities. Scots fun has been added with “Highland Games,” so kilts are welcome.

The Sons of Liberty also host an annual “Winter Trade Fair.” Find almost anything you need to re-live frontier America from the 1750s to 1890.

Both of these are at Canters Cave 4-H Camp, at 1362 Caves Road, off US 35 between Richmond Dale and Jackson. The encampment is in an open meadow, and the trade fair is in the main lodge.

The upcoming fall rendezvous will be October 21st through 22nd. The spring and fall encampments are open to the public 9 to 5 each day, with no admission fee. (While the fall rendezvous is the third weekend of October, the annual spring rendezvous is Memorial Day weekend.)

An overview of part of the 2010 Sons of Liberty annual Winter Trade Fair.

The next Winter Trade Fair will be 9 to 5 Saturday, January 20th, and 9 to 3 Sunday, January 21st, 2024. It’s inexpensive to just visit – $4 per person, with 12 and under free.

This is a great opportunity to browse and see all that is available: hats, coats, footwear, firearms and supplies, knives and tomahawks, lanterns, leather goods, books, jars and china…everything.

In both the rendezvous and trade fair, the participants are dedicated to their crafts / hobbies / businesses, and are happy to share knowledge…and stories. Membership is only $20. Most members are also active in many other re-enacting groups and events in the region – you would be surprised how many there are!

We had our relaxed summer picnic recently and I chatted with member Norm Garringer about what the Sons of Liberty is about, and our events.

Learn more on the “Sons of Liberty Muzzle Loading Club” page on Facebook – which includes members’ reports from other events, groups, and blogs.

See also my article on the “Fair at New Boston,” a large annual festival that re-enacts 1790 to 1810 Ohio on Labor Day weekend near Springfield.

Sons of Liberty Muzzle-Loading Rifle Club member Norm Garringer chats with Scioto Post reporter and member Kevin Coleman about the group and their two upcoming events, August 13, 2023.