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Easy-to-Use Betting Strategies You Can Use in the Stanley Cup


The Stanley Cup is finally here. If you’re new to the NHL and don’t know what the Stanley Cup is, the Stanley Cup is the culmination of the NHL playoffs and is one of the most sought trophies in hockey. And with that said, you can say it’s the championship tournament held every year as the final stage of the NHL regular season before it begins again.

It will be tough picking a winner this year since all the teams competing had outstanding standings back in the regular season. And, of course, since this is the biggest NHL event of the year, this tournament has a lot of money to be had. If you want to learn some strategies to have a few wins in the Stanley Cup, here are some strategies you might want to check out.
Underdog Betting
It might seem that betting on the underdogs is a sinking ship, but if you bet on the right matchups in the Stanley Cup, it’s a viable strategy to win great payouts. There are statistically sharp underdogs in the NHL, which is especially true given that the playing field in the NHL is quite level. This is given that the NHL has a salary cap that even out the skill among teams and players for equal opportunities.

Also, we said great payout since if you want to win the big bucks, betting on the underdog is a much more efficient way; they have better payouts. Bookmakers increase their payout to let some betting action get in on the team. You have to be fast, though, as an outside factor like an absent player or an injured player can affect the line significantly.
Check the Schedule
The schedule is one of the most overlooked factors in hockey or any type of sport. This is especially true in very physical sports like hockey; not only will a player make moves to play, but they are also expected to experience a lot of bumps, bruises, and even fights. In short, hockey is a game where being beaten up, bruised, and injured is pretty common. And based on a team’s schedule, exhaustion can up the ante, making the players do less on the field.

All teams experience the same. However, the schedule isn’t the same for a lot of them. Some teams must travel a lot and go to different time zones, affecting their sleep and making them less focused on the game. That said, you should bet in favor of the team who had a lot of preparation and relaxing time over the team who had a little break in the current week.
Learn How the Lines Work
No, we’re not talking about the lines in betting. We’re talking about the lines of teams. A line is a group of players sent onto the ice to play with the opposing line of the other team. The lines can be changed throughout the game, but why is this important?

If you know both teams in-depth, you’ll know if a line on a team will work fittingly against the other line. It’s about a battle in terms of the matchup. That said, you should bet more in favor of a line with many scoring opportunities. A hockey game decides which team has the most scores, after all.
Change Up Your Strategy When You Need To
Humans are fond of patterns, and this includes betting. Most of us have our ways of approaching a specific matchup in the NHL. For example, some people will go for the moneyline based on which team had the most rest and then go to over/under once they decide how they think the game will end up.

While this is usually fine, when we go into a losing streak, we must change our strategy based on the situation. It’s a matter of adaptability and w,e humans are also known for that.
Look for Value… Always
Looking for value means that you have to look for beneficial bets for your bankroll. For example, betting on the underdog can give you great payouts, but if the team has almost 0% chance of winning, it’s not a value bet. It’s all about minimizing your losses.

Some winning bets make you lose more money, like, betting on a favorite with a moderate chance of winning, but the payout isn’t that great, and the playing field against their opponent is pretty much level. In this situation, it’s better to bet on the underdog since they have a greater payout and are only down by a few points regarding their chances of winning.
Final Words
The Stanley Cup is here, and there’s a lot of money to be had, especially when you play it right. You can use these strategies to increase your chances of winning. Remember that some of these strategies must be used cleverly, especially since they can only be used in very specific situations. With all that in mind, good luck.