Home News Deer Creek Dam Begins Drawdown to Winter Water Levels

Deer Creek Dam Begins Drawdown to Winter Water Levels


Pickaway County – Deer Creek Dam reported today that they will now return to the winter pool and open floodgates for the next few weeks.

Water levels will be decreased in Deer Creek from over 800 feet down to the winter levels of around 790 feet. This is in preparation for the winter weather season to hold the runoff produced by winter storms. When a storm hits. The basin will catch the thousands of gallons of water and then later reduce the pool back to its desired winter level downstream.

“We will gradually go from our summer pool of 810ft. to reach our winter pool of 796ft. by December 1st. This will also mean an increased outflow downstream for our fisherman,” said Us Army Corp Engineers.

The summer level is kept higher because the risk of flood is lower, and most of these lakes serve the community with recreation during the summer.

This drawdown typically occurs around mid-October to November. expect to see more water south of the dam until the desired levels are met.