Home News Dayton Shooter had detectable amounts Cocaine, Xanax, and Alcohol in His System

Dayton Shooter had detectable amounts Cocaine, Xanax, and Alcohol in His System


DAYTON – Dayton Shooter was on several drugs during his shooting rampage, during a press conference police reported that the shooter had detectable amounts Cocaine, Xanax, and Alcohol in his system, and crystalized cocaine on his person.

Police reported that two people that were shot by the mass shooter also had shots from police, one of those shots was superficial the other would have been deadly if the victim did not already have a fatal wound from the attacker. Police would not identify the victims that were shot by police also for respect for family, but they said that they have personally talked to the family about this situation.

Dayton Police described the active shooter situation to only the same as military combat, the Dayton Shooter had body armor, a assault rifle and was moving quickly and targeting victims, this wasn’t a isolated incident the shooter was among the people he was attacking when police fired on him to stop the killing. The shooter received 52 wounds to his upper and lower extremites, and one bullet was caught in his body armor and did no damage to the shooter. Police in this situation are trained to shoot until the threat has ended. Digital video evidence shows the shooter tried to get up several times to continue his attack after police had fired.

At 1:07 on 8/4/19 in the Oregon District in Dayton, a man wearing body armor opened fire using a .223 caliber rifle with a high capacity magazine, he had additional magazines on him according to Police. 26 have been Injured and 10 have been killed, including the shooter. Fast movement of the Dayton Police department they were able to neutralize the shooter in a minute.