Home News Dairy shed drops a ice cream bomb on Circleville

Dairy shed drops a ice cream bomb on Circleville

Photo from Dairy Shed Facebook

CIRCLEVILLE – I took my kids to Dairy shed tonight for Friday night ice cream and they were extravagantly excited when they saw the person in front of us order the new Bomb Pop slushy.

It’s where they take cherry slushy, and sandwich ice cream in between a layer of cherry slushie and blue raspberry slushie. Not only doesn’t look totally awesome it also tastes great as well. I vaguely remember Dairy Queen doing something similar to this back in the 80s, but then of course I would have been five years old so maybe it’s my imagination. I still definitely can remember something like that flavor and it brought a lot of childhood memories back to me when my kids would get a brain freeze and let me try it.
Overall it was excellent so much so that I figured that I should take a bunch of pictures of my kids eating it and proceeded to write a review. If you’re giving this to your kids the fun doesn’t stop till you’re about down to the last couple bites. My kids realized that the red white and blue slushie had turned purple. The girls understood what happens when you mix red with blue but my son did not and was very much amazed.
So, if you want a treat that’s great for the whole family consider a Bomb Pop slushie from dairy shed.