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COVID-19 Cases in Pickaway County Remains High

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OHIO – Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio mandated that the people in the state are no longer required to wear masks from June 2, 2021, including the county of Pickaway. The vaccinated population of Pickaway is nearing half. As of this writing, it’s 46.2%, and the government is working double-time to get the majority to get their jabs. Unfortunately, the risk level in the county is still considered high, with an average of 44 new cases per day, which equals 74.5 per 100,000 people. 

Although the COVID-19 cases are still high, the pandemic did not stop businesses from opening in Ohio. During the first half of 2021,new business filings reached 111,000. Compared to 2016, only 105,009 were created, which covered the entire year. Even if it’s pandemic, there are still many entrepreneurs who jump in and invest in their start-ups. If you are planning to start a business in Pickaway, here are some tips for doing that.

Decide on what you wish to offer

Before registering your business to the state of Ohio and working on your permits, think about the products or services you wish to offer. It should be something that you know that people will need during the pandemic and even post-pandemic. You want your business to grow not just during this season but in the future to come. Plus, it should also be something that you are interested in or you are good with. 

Get insurance

Business insurance is a must to ensure you are covered in case of unexpected things, such as damage to your property due to fire or theft. If you are hiring employees, be sure to have workers’ compensation insurance. It will pay for their hospitalization and lost income in case of workplace injury. Check workers comp insurance prices to get the best coverage at the most reasonable cost. It will not only make employees feel secure, but it will also benefit your company since you don’t have to shoulder the expenses. 

Don’t resign from your day job

If you still have a day job, you can slowly start the business on the side. Have a trusted business partner, so you don’t have to do everything on your own. Any company has the risk of failing, but starting one during the pandemic can be even more challenging. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Continue working at your regular job, so you have a fallback in case it doesn’t work. 

Stay flexible

It’s hard to predict what happens next, so flexibility is essential. Always have a backup plan to ensure that you still have options if something happens with the original plan. For example, if the government mandates to cease business operation again, you may have a backup plan to offer online products or services. 

Do online marketing

Speaking of online, the number of customers looking for products and services online soared higher when the pandemic hit. So do not skip on marketing your business on the internet for a better reach.

Covid-19 is still out there, but it shouldn’t stop you from starting your business in Pickaway. You can still thrive even during the pandemic with the tips above. 

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/vaccine-prevention-covid-19-vaccine-6557420/