Home News Couple Arrested for Stealing 27 Bags of Ice from Wilkesville Family Dollar

Couple Arrested for Stealing 27 Bags of Ice from Wilkesville Family Dollar


Wellston, Ohio (February 5, 2024) – Two individuals face theft charges after allegedly stealing 27 bags of ice from the Family Dollar in Wilkesville, Ohio. According to the Vinton County Sheriff’s Office, the incident unfolded on Sunday, February 4th.

Alert from Wellston Police:

The Vinton County Sheriff’s Office received a call from the Wellston Police Department on Sunday evening. A citizen reported witnessing two individuals stealing multiple bags of ice from the Wilkesville Family Dollar before leaving for a gas station in Wellston.

Swift Response and Apprehension:

Deputies, in collaboration with Wellston Police, quickly located the suspects’ truck at “The Detour” gas station in Wellston. Upon inspection, they discovered several bags of ice in the truck bed. The two suspects were detained and subsequently arrested after confirming they had stolen 27 bags of ice from the Family Dollar.

Identified and Charged:

The apprehended individuals were identified as Justin Hopkins, 33, of The Plains, and Vicki Bauer, 44, of Athens. Both were charged with theft and transported to the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail.

Recovered and Returned:

The stolen ice, totaling 27 bags, was successfully recovered and returned to the Family Dollar in Wilkesville.

A Reminder:

This incident serves as a reminder to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the authorities promptly. The swift response and collaboration between law enforcement agencies in this case resulted in the apprehension of the suspects and the recovery of the stolen goods.