Home News Commercial Point Council Proposes Ordinance to Ban Low-Speed and Under-Speed Vehicles

Commercial Point Council Proposes Ordinance to Ban Low-Speed and Under-Speed Vehicles


COMMERCIAL POINT – Golf Carts and other slow moving vehicles have been the target for discussion in Commercial  Point council for several weeks.

Last week Commercial Point Council voted against the use of Under-speed vehicles within the village. Under-speed vehicles are defined as vehicles that travel less than 20 mph, that have to be inspected by local authorities and granted permission for such operation in accordance with section 4511.215 of the Revised Code, and not operate in speed zone of more than 35 mph. Between last week and now local law enforcement Commerical Point Police officer Sergeant Murphy issued a ticket for a local woman operating a golf cart, claiming it was under-speed. That ticket has been been dismissed but the Sgt. still has questions if it will operate as a low-speed over 20 mph requirement.

According to law a vehicle can operate per reviewed code if it meets Low Speed criteria, “Low Speed vehicles are classified as 20-25 mph vehicles and without a city ordinance when licensed with the state can be driven on roads. Regular vehicles are defined as vehicles that can travel over 25 mph, and under-speed is defined as vehicles that are less than 20 mph.” Now a ordinace has been placed on the agenda for prohibiting both low-speed and under-speed vehicles in Commerical Point and will hear first reading on Monday. According to law local entities do have the power to limit the use of these vehicles, “4511.214 (c) Nothing in this section shall prevent a local authority from adopting more stringent local ordinances, resolutions, or regulations governing the operation of a low-speed vehicle or a mini-truck, or a motor-driven cycle or motor scooter.” The City of Circleville does allow low-speed vehicles and under-speed vehicles by ordinance, and in the past several years have not had a accident reported.