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Commercial Point Council Denies Money for City Mayors Legal Services Against Police Chief


COMMERICAL POINT – Commerical Point Council denied Mayor Gary Joiners resolution to seek funds for legal services to represent the city vs the cities police Chief tonight in a official council meeting.

Commerical Point Police Chief Adam Jordan was charged with nine counts of violating village ordinances, state law, and polices by Commerical Point Mayor Gary Joiner. This came after Police Chief arrested him 14 months ago.

Earlier in November the Chief was put on trial against some of those charges in a village council meeting. The Mayor himself represented as prosecutor on nine charges (only six of them were heard) and the police chief had his own lawyer who represented him. The town council acted as the jury, this is standard procedure if a mayor wants to terminate a Police Chief.

Council that night found the Police Chief not guilty of the six charges that were brought to council that night.

The other three charges have been waiting in limbo for the next scheduled hearing, but while in limbo the mayor has asked the city council for monies for lawyer services in behalf of the city to help prosecute the remaining charges. That resolution was denied with a unanimous vote of no.

The remaining three charges the mayor has set forth against the Police Chief are:

Errors in a Commerical point policy manual the Chief created (Dereliction of duty, Nonfeasance, Incompetence.)


Work Place Harassment (Dereliction of Duty, Nonfeasance, and Incompetence) 


failure to control & manage (Dereliction of Duty, Nonfeasance, and Incompetence)