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Columbus Reports Third Highest Homicide Rate Ever


With 2023 marking the third-highest homicide rate in Columbus history (148 killings), a crucial fight against violent crime is taking center stage. A grassroots effort, fueled by the pain of loss, is aiming to rewrite the city’s narrative with a bold goal: keeping homicides under 100.

This past Sunday, mothers who tragically lost their children to violence joined forces with city leaders to launch “Under Triple Digits,” a powerful campaign echoing the community’s yearning for safer streets. The stark reality is that Columbus hasn’t seen homicide numbers below 100 in years, highlighting the urgency of this initiative.

The Mothers of Murdered Columbus Children, the driving force behind the campaign, are determined to turn the tide. Their hope lies in mobilizing the community, urging residents to become proactive participants in preventing gun violence. This goes beyond raising awareness; it’s about fostering deeper engagement and innovative solutions.

The success of “Under Triple Digits” hinges on collective action. By uniting the voices of grieving families, concerned citizens, and dedicated leaders, Columbus can strive for a future where triple digits represent the strength of its united front against violence, not the body count of its tragedies.

Columbus had an all-time high of murders in 2021, with 205, 2nd in 2020, with 177
and Forth in 2017, with 143.

Cleveland recorded more homicides this year with 165, and is rated one of the top ten in the nation for violent crime.