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Columbus Police Report Spike in Crime in June


COLUMBUS – Columbus Police have released a shocking report that violent crime is up in some areas as much as 244% in the city of Columbus.

According to Columbus Police homicides are up 40% over last June and the month isn’t yet over. This is more than a 50% increase over the 3-year average.

Felonious assaults involving a gun in June are up 244%.

Felonious assaults involving firing into an occupied structure are up 81% this June versus last year.

During a press conference from Mayor Ginther today he said that they couldn’t, “police their way out of this problem.” Ginther reported that we need more money into parks, community outreach, and health in our communities.

Ginther announced a community police bike effort that will start today these police will be trained in community outreach and community engagement in Linden, Southside, and Hilltop areas.

The mayor says that a lot of the youth is suffering from depression from not having community events and is aiming towards some outreaches to help deal with that situation. You can watch the video below.