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CITYSERVE: Pickaway County Churches Come Together to Feed 1000 Homes


PICKAWAY – Each Saturday several church’s from the Pickaway County area are coming together for one goal, a huge outreach to feed people in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Starting tomorrow October 17 and running every Saturday until the end of October from  2-4 at the old Carnival foods location on North Court Street (actual address 120 Morris Road) they will give out 40,000 lbs. of food over a three week period.

Inside each box will be fresh farm meats, produce, and dairy products. The church says, “if you are in need you will receive.” There are no forms to fill out, no one will question  if you need it or not. You will drive up and the items can be placed inside your trunk for social distancing and drive away.

This will be a rain or shine event., please enter from the Morris road entrance.

“We know how hard it is for families and individuals who lack necessities of food, clothing, and household items to survive. This is where the Church steps in.”

“Because we believe God’s answer to a broken world is His Church, we’ve built a collaborative network of churches and community leaders dedicated to fulfilling the needs of those in need.”

Of course, churches are different; churches spread the message of hope, change, light, compassion, and peace. We’re not forcing you to make a choice, we’re asking you to make a choice as we partner together with other churches in the Circleville community to help people’s day go a little better, and give them the message of hope. We believe Jesus is the light – no apologies here – it’s that simple. We WANT to give you food, we WANT to pray for you, we WANT to show you how He has changed us. But more than anything, we WANT you to know we’re just like you – so, let’s hang out together for a while, let us give you some food, some dairy products, some smiles, and some of God’s love.

Partner churches will be announced here by Thursday, October 15.

Four churches have come together because we want to help you see the light

Check out this video…this is CityServe

Be the Light from CityServe on Vimeo.