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Circleville Woman Wins Thousands in Nationwide Cricket Wireless and Acorn Sweepstakes


CIRCLEVILLE – A local Circleville woman won nationwide sweepstakes and was awarded a check at the local store today.

Angela Hart from Circleville was presented a check by Cricket Wireless and Acorns as a $10,000 sweepstakes.

The contest was a promotion of Crickets and Acorn a leading saving and investment app. Considered a first-of-its-kind financial education program designed to empower Cricket customers with confidence in their understanding of key financial concepts, like diversification and compound interest. The collaboration is focused on helping communities across America that have historically lacked access to financial literacy tools and will also be shared with Cricket’s non-profit collaborators for integration in their programming

Tanner Tackett (Territory Manager) Kelli Murray (MIT) Jessica Staten (SRSM) Steve Steven’s (SRSM) Jonathan Hottinger (Director) Jayden Muncey (SS)

“Financial education is inseparable from long-term financial wellness,” said Acorns Chief Content & Education Officer, Kennedy Reynolds. “By working with Cricket to put financial tools and knowledge in everyone’s hands, we step closer towards leveling the playing field.”

Acorns and Cricket have developed educational content and resources available to all on the Money Moments microsite. There is also the opportunity to sign up for weekly emails featuring Cricket Money Moments and money tips from Acorns that will help inform users on their investment journey.

“Our collaboration with Acorns speaks to the heart of what we’re about—helping our customers stress less and smile more,” said John Dwyer, president of Cricket Wireless. “Money is often the root cause of stress, and many people don’t have the resources to learn more. Together with Acorns, we’re taking the guesswork and the hard work out of the equation.”

As part of the financial wellness collaboration, one lucky winner will also receive $10,000 either in cash or into their Acorns account with the Cricket Financial Headstart sweepstakes.

Cricket will have a free phone and free service and free insurance event on Saturday at 12 to 4 at the community united methodist church in town