Home News Circleville Police Investigation Unveils Chaotic Altercation at Pour House Bar

Circleville Police Investigation Unveils Chaotic Altercation at Pour House Bar


In the early hours of April 14, 2024, law enforcement officers were dispatched to the Pour House located at 217 N. Court St. following reports of a violent altercation. Officer Zach Swaggerty, responding to the scene, activated his emergency lights and arrived to find a scene of turmoil.

Upon arrival, Officer Swaggerty encountered a woman, who pointed out a male individual, later identified as Steffan Buss, standing by a white vehicle in the middle of the road. According to her, Buss had allegedly knocked someone unconscious. Promptly, Officer Swaggerty radioed for medical assistance from Circleville EMS.

As Officer Swaggerty approached Buss, the witness also directed attention to another male, later identified as Bret Taylor, who was seen fleeing the scene. Officer Swaggerty initiated a foot pursuit with the assistance of another officer, ultimately apprehending Taylor.

Meanwhile, Buss was detained and questioned about the incident. He claimed that he and Taylor had visited the Pour House for drinks, but upon attempting to leave, they were accosted by a group of individuals who instigated a confrontation. Buss alleged that they were outnumbered in the ensuing altercation.

Conversely, the witness provided a different account, stating that Buss had instigated the violence by assaulting her and others. She recounted a sequence of events where Buss and Taylor allegedly initiated altercations with patrons inside the bar before escalating the situation outside.

Following initial assessments and witness statements, Buss was placed under arrest for assault and disorderly conduct charges, while Taylor faced charges of disorderly conduct and obstructing official business. Another individual, David Knece, was also charged with assault and was summoned for the offense.

Emergency medical services attended to injuries sustained during the altercation, with Buss eventually transported to Berger Hospital for further evaluation before being processed at Pickaway County Jail.