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Circleville – Alleged Threats with Firearm Lead to Arrest of Stella Ave. Resident


Circleville – Neighbor trouble involving a dog and a handgun ended with the arrest of a man.

On April 13, 2024, law enforcement responded to a distress call reporting neighbor troubles, including threats involving a firearm, on Stella Ave. Upon arrival at the scene, Officer William Carver encountered a tense situation.

According to the caller, a resident identified as Robert Grant had allegedly exited his home brandishing a black revolver, threatening to shoot a dog. The caller, who was eight months pregnant and her Juvenile son, recounted feeling threatened as Grant waved and pointed the firearm in her direction.

Further details emerged as Officer Carver spoke with witnesses. Grant engaged in verbal altercations with neighbors, at one point reportedly holding the firearm between himself and one of the neighbors while arguing. Despite attempts by law enforcement to engage with Grant, he rebuffed their efforts, displaying hostility and refusing to cooperate even speaking to officers through a screen door. Eventually telling officers to, “get the F_ck off his property.”

In light of the escalating situation and concerns for safety, Detective Harrell advised pursuing an arrest warrant for Grant. Due to safety concerns approaching his home and an aggressive stance to Officers, they maintained surveillance, anticipating Grant’s potential departure from his residence.

When Grant approached officers stationed nearby. As Officer Carver moved to apprehend him, Grant resisted arrest, attempting to flee. However, officers managed to restrain Grant and inform him of his arrest, exercising caution throughout the process.

During questioning, Grant admitted to possessing a firearm and acknowledged waving it during the altercation. Officer Sanford, upon entering Grant’s residence, discovered a black revolver in close proximity to Grant’s belongings.

Grant was transported to the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office jail, where he was processed without further incident.