Home News Local Ross County Walgreens Pharmacist Recognized for Life-Saving Actions

Local Ross County Walgreens Pharmacist Recognized for Life-Saving Actions


Local Walgreens Pharmacist Recognized for Life-Saving Actions

In a heartfelt ceremony, the Ross County Post Overdose Response Team (PORT) bestowed the prestigious Life Saver Award upon Walgreens Pharmacist Bernard Quansah. The recognition comes in the wake of Mr. Quansah’s swift and decisive intervention on March 24, 2024, which proved instrumental in saving a visitor’s life.

Mr. Quansah’s heroism unfolded when he encountered a person in his store experiencing an overdose. Without hesitation, he administered Narcan and provided crucial aid, showcasing both quick thinking and compassionate care. His actions exemplify the core mission of the PORT initiative, a collaborative effort among various organizations aimed at delivering essential resources and support to individuals impacted by overdose.

The Ross County Post Overdose Response Team (PORT) expressed profound admiration for Mr. Quansah’s unwavering dedication to public health and safety. They lauded his life-saving efforts as a beacon of hope and inspiration, highlighting the significant impact individuals can have in combating substance use disorder and preserving lives.

The PORT initiative comprises a coalition of organizations including the Ross County Sheriff’s Office, Chillicothe Police Department, Chillicothe Fire Department, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Adena Health, HPP (Hope Partnership Project), Ross County Health District, Ross County Community Action, and peer recovery supporters. Leveraging data-driven insights, the team conducts visits to individuals who have experienced overdoses and their families, offering pathways to treatment and an array of resources addressing mental health, homelessness, and other related challenges. Each encounter concludes with the distribution of a PORT bag containing invaluable resources.

Mr. Quansah’s courageous actions serve as a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives and individual acts of kindness in combating the opioid crisis and saving lives.