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Circleville Police Have Filed 101 Search Warrants This Year, 45 Sex Offense Cases, and 4 Overdose Deaths


CIRCLEVILLE – Circleville Police Chief Baer gave an annual report at Tuesday nights at Circleville Council that included numbers from January to September of 2022.

“Every year we always surpass the previous year for calls of service,” said Baer.

Baer updated the council on some staggering numbers the local police department has responded to.

13,780 Calls for service are broken down into some of the more mentionable items.

510 Traffic citations

291 People have been charged this year, filed charges on 364

198 Drug items seized, this does not include drug items by the road patrol, those items were seized by investigators the Cheif reported if the road patrol it would double that number.

101 Search Warrants filed

98 road traffic crashes, 388 private accident property damages. (Walmart or other private parking lots)

75 Felony packets for felony charges against individuals, 45 for the Grand Jury.

38 Overdoses, 4 of which resulted in deaths

Chief Baer said that they are currently short 4 Officers, he defined that as good due to, “comparison” of other police departments around due to, “a really competitive field right now.”

Council asked if the Police department is prepared for the Pumpkin show this year, and Baer said yes, that they pull all of the law enforcement locally to help with the Pumpkin show, law enforcement from Pickaway County. They do not know if any big names are coming to the show yet, due to it being an election year. They will offer Pumpkin show bracelets for children again this year.