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Circleville Police Department Investigating Possible Arson in City


Circleville – Two fires started last night in the City of Circleville that could have spread to homes in the area, now police are investigating those fires as possibly intentional.

According to early reports, around 12:20 am on Thursday, a 911 call of a dumpster fire in the area of 190 Nicolas Drive was reported, the dumpster was fully engulfed in flames, and the caller reported that the fire was spilling out onto the grass in the area catching it on fire also. Circleville Fire Department arrived and put that fire out quickly, but as they were heading back to the station around 12:45 am they received another call of a dumpster fire this time in the area of 448 East Main Street where another fire was possibly set. The caller in this report said that the dumpster was also fully engulfed and was close to a structure. The Fire department arrived and put the fire out.

Circleville police who were also on the scene received a report of two males who were seen leaving the area of at least one of the fires. One person may have video evidence and another who gave the names of two possible suspects. Police have yet to make an arrest this morning we will update you with more info when we get it.