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Circleville Looks at Aged Comprehensive Plan for Possible Updates

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CIRCLEVILLE – The City has a comprehensive plan that outlines goals, foundation information, and land use within a city. Ohio lawmakers encourage all cities to create and implement a municipal plan for direction for the city. The only issue is our plan is outdated, but it does give us a look at the goal we set forth several decades ago.

Our last comprehensive plan was created in 1995-1998 era and it gives a look at the past but surprisingly has similar goals as we do now. Normally the city should update the plan every five years but we have failed to do so. Circleville City Council may consider making a new plan that could cost tax payers upwards of 20,000 dollars in the future. If Council was to create a new plan they would use a outside entity that would poll many groups and people within the city to get a full opinion on what the city wants.

Why the need for the plan? There is a lot of reasons actually, planning and directing Circlevilles future by polling people in town and getting real opinions on where people want to see the city in the future, more direction for the city and groups to know what it should work towards, and outside entities look at comprehensive plans when they have interests in the area to see how directed a city is.

Councilwoman Michelle Blanton spoke on the plan and how it was interesting that even 20 years ago when we had several “thing for kids to do” and people were still asking for more for kids to do.

“Several businesses in 1998 were still in operation, the bowling alley, movie theater, and skating rink,” said Blanton, “Yet people still wanted things for kids to do.”

Some of the 20 year old plans were completed, New Schools, more business, and a look at preserving our downtown area.

Watch below as Councilwoman Blanton discuses what has changed and what remains the same.