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Circleville High School, Pickaway HELPS team up to host annual ‘Tiger Boot Camp’ for students


Circleville City Schools – On Friday, April 6th, juniors and seniors at Circleville High School participated in what has become an annual career development event called the Tiger Boot Camp.

The event, in partnership with Pickaway HELPS, aims to provide students with soft skills training, career development workshops, and mock interviews (seniors only) in an effort to equip upperclassmen with tools to be viable work force candidates upon graduation.

In Friday’s mock interview session, students sat down in rotations with local hiring business personnel, government officials, and community members to simulate a real life interview. Following the session, students worked with the interviewer, who took notes and used a rubric to score their interaction, to discuss feedback and recommendations for improvement.

Beyond the mock interviews, 12 workshops were run concurrently on campus covering an array of topics specific to professionalism and career development:

The Hiring and Interview Process (Kenworth)
Banking Security (presented by the Pickaway Banking Center)
The Culture Shock (thecultureshock.org)
Finding Money for College
Career Options from Pickaway Ross Career and Technical Center,
Social Media – Time Well Spent?
Personality Plus – Developing Effective Relationships,
Find a job – The ‘Ohio Means Jobs’ Way
A Military Career – Is it for you?
STEM Careers are Everywhere! The 21st Century Workforce
What is Philanthropy?, and

Guest interviewers and presenters were also served refreshments from our outstanding Tiger Claw Cafe students in between sessions. Circleville City Schools and Pickaway HELPS would like to thank the Tiger Claw Cafe and all of our community members who volunteered their time Friday to provide this beneficial boot camp for our students.

To find out more about Pickaway HELPS, its programs, and student-centered career development initiatives visit PickawayHELPS.org.