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Tigers in Ties club teaches students leadership skills


Circleville Elementary School – There is a new club at the elementary level aimed at teaching leadership skills to young men in grades 3-5.

The Tigers in Ties Club meets before school every three weeks from 8:40-9:25 a.m. in the elementary cafeteria and serves as a forum for assistant principals Aaron Conn, Tim Harris, and other staff to teach students how to be a gentleman and use leadership to positively impact their classroom.

The goal of Tigers in Ties lies in displaying leadership and “gentlemanly” manners each and every day. On meeting days, students wear ties on designated “Tie Thursdays” in as a visual symbol of the club’s commitment to leadership within our school and community.

Students start each meeting by greeting their peers and teachers with a handshake and breakfast before breaking into small groups to discuss a component of leadership. With the school district’s core Tiger Traits as their guide “be respectful, be responsible, and be safe,” the group expands upon those traits to discuss habits of being a leader such as:

  • how to give a firm handshake
  • looking others in the eye when in conversation and shaking hands
  • learning how to greet others
  • listening to understand instead of listening to respond
  • showing respect for others by always doing the right thing
  • and of course…..how to tie a tie (a work in progress, but we will get there!)

Students interested in joining the club can have their parent or guardian fill out a sign-up form and return it to the elementary school front office (Tigers in Ties Flier).

For families of prospective club members and current group members, the remaining Tigers in Ties meetings for this school year will take place on March 7th, March 28th, April 18th, and May 9th (all Thursdays).

And for our elementary school young ladies, stay tuned for more information on a leadership-based girls club coming your way in a few short weeks!