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Circleville Continues Road Repairs This Week with Slurry Sealing of Some Roads


CIRCLEVILLE – Most of the road repair and repaving is done for 2020, other than slurry sealing roads.

According to Director of Public Service Terry Frazier the slurry project and repairs will start this week.  This will include crack repairs, pot hole repairs and slurry seal. Different than in years past, this year Circleville was able to purchase a “Hot Box” a machine that will allow city crews to use hot asphalt to repair pot holes. This type of pot hole repair is superior to the years past when repair would travel from Columbus and was a cold pack that would pop out quickly.

Last week you may have seen crews blasting the lines and markers off roads, this was done because of the thermal plastic material in these markers that will not allow the slurry seal to attach to the roadway.

City of Circleville has released costs of roadwork in Circleville at a estimated cost of $1,360,928. During actual work the road crew encounters some change orders and cost would be a little higher than projected.

Below are the roads that are being worked on this year, City of Circleville did receive a grant for 255,400 dollars to complete repair a aged section of road on Turner Drive in Circleville more on that here: http://www.sciotopost.com/circleville-receives-255400-grant-community-development-block-grant/

Slurry Seal $165,691
Barnes (Pickaway St. to Clinton St.)
Goodchild Service Rd. (S. Corp. to N. Corp.)
Half Ave. (Clinton St. to Renick Ave.)
Nicholas Dr. (Lancaster Pike to North Ridge Rd.)
Pickaway St. (High St. to Linden Dr.)
Pickaway St. (Sharon Rd. to Northridge Rd.)
Scioto St. (South End to Harrison Ave.)
Washington St. (Walnut St. to Huston St. / RR)

Paving $1,135,431
Brookhaven Pl. (Clark Dr. to North End)
Court St. (Wilson Ave. to North Corp.)
Eastmoor Ave. (Mound St. to Main St.)
Folsom Ave. (Park Pl. to Pickaway St.)
Franklin St. (Mingo St. to End at SR 56 – Including Connector)
Huston St. (US 23 to Court St.)
Kingston Pike (South Corp. to Main St.)
Lawnwood Dr. (Ridgedale Dr. to Brookhaven Pl.)
Morris Rd. (Court St. to East End)
Northfield Dr. (West end to North End)
Ohio St. (“GE drive” to Kingston Pike)
Park Pl. (Court St. to Folsom Ave.)
Plaza Dr. (Nicholas Dr. to Nicholas Dr.)
Ridgedale Dr. (Clark Dr. to Lawnwood Dr.)
Sherwood Dr. (Cul-de-sac to Nicholas Dr.)
Springhollow Rd. (South End to Clark Dr.)
Woodland Dr. (Folsom Ave. to Cul-de-sac)

Crack Seal $9,806
Clifton Dr. (Northridge Rd. to North End)
McCormick Ave.(Clifton Dr. to East End)
Wilson Ave. (Court St. to Atwater Ave.)

Spot Repairs $50,000