Home News Circleville Receives 255,400 Grant for Community Development Block Grant

Circleville Receives 255,400 Grant for Community Development Block Grant


CIRCLEVILLE – Terry Frazier Service Director for Circleville announced last night during council meetings that they have received information on the approval of a grant for infrastructure. The grant was applied for through the County Commissioners.

The 255,400 dollar grant will specifically go towards the Turner Drive Reconstruction as the grant monies were specifically filed for that road. The Community Development Program provides communities with a flexible housing and community development resource that can be used to address locally identified needs that are eligible Community Development Block Grant activities and qualify under the national objective of Low- and Moderate-Income (LMI) Benefit or Elimination of Slum and Blight. The program includes competitive set-aside funding for Neighborhood Revitalization, Downtown Revitalization and Critical Infrastructure. In this situation it is for road and infrastructure repair.

Several years ago two of the three roads off Town Street were repaired with grant monies, Williams drive and Norfolk ave, all three roads are part of a subdivision that was created in the 1950s. The grant monies ran dry before the last road was repaired Turner Drive.

Frazier said that they first need to get the engineer involved to check not only how deep the base of the road is but also to check the sewer, and water waste lines and infrastructure.

“The road condition and base of Turner drive is very poor, most often stormwater drains and other infrastructure are usually also poor when you have bad pavement issues. Sanitary sewer and Water are there also so they may need to be repaired or upgraded.”

During last nights meeting discussion of a ordinance allowing The director of Public Service to submit an application and enter into an agreement with the State of Ohio from State Capital Improvement program (SCIP) and local transportation improvement program funds for road and utility improvement for Cedar Heights. This was passed unanimously with the council members that were at the meeting last night (6).

Both Turner drive and Cedar Heights will go out to engineer and bid and will be repaired next year.