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Circleville City Schools Extends Social Distancing with Remote Learning on Thanksgiving Break. Warns of Possible Other Action in Future

Picture courtesy of Circleville City Schools Website

CIRCLEVILLE – On November 5th Pickaway county’s Public Health Advisory moved from yellow to Red, meaning active spread of COVID-19 virus. This has caused some schools around the state to reevaluate in-person schoolings.

In a press release released by all Pickaway county schools, schools told parents that if the county moved to a red level they would not immediately move to a remote learning situation. Instead, they would assess the situation in each district and make adjustments if needed. Circleville City schools recently made a small adjustment in aims to thwart virus spread.

Circleville School district will extend social distancing a week from now by making the two in person-days around the Thanksgiving holiday remote. This is being done due to, “ride out existing quarantines and gives teachers and students a week to get healthy.”

Typically when a positive COVID-19 case is reported, through contact tracing people who were exposed to that positive case are required to quarantine for 14 days in order to stop the spread of the virus. These actions have happened in the schools and through this method have kept the local schools open. Warnings from the school of more changes were mentioned in a release from the school when they said, “further action may be needed.”

Cases of COVID-19 have spiked in the county over the last several weeks, we now have more active cases in November than in the county than any other month in total. This according to the school has had an impact on the local schools teachers and students due to quarenteens

A statement from Circleville city schools, “Tiger safety remains our top priority and through continued mask use, social distancing, and handwashing in and out of school we can all do our part to keep students in school for the final 25 days of the semester where they learn best.”