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Ross County – Man Calls 911 After Being Lost, Morel Mushroom Hunting


Ross County – Emergency squads and 911 were able to help a mushroom hunter get out of the woods when he found himself lost in the dark.

On Tuesday evening, emergency services and 911 operators came to the aid of a stranded mushroom hunter who found himself lost in the dense woods as darkness descended.

The saga began around 7:45 pm when a distressed man dialed 911, revealing his predicament of being lost amidst the shadows of the forest. Recounting his unsuccessful attempts to navigate his way out, the caller, identified as a mushroom hunter, sought assistance in finding his bearings.

Utilizing advanced ping technology, the vigilant 911 operator pinpointed the man’s location within the expansive Pleasant Valley Wildlife Area, sprawling across 1,400 acres off Egypt Pike in Chillicothe. Armed with this crucial information, emergency responders sprang into action.

A coordinated effort involving Union Township FD, VA FD, Deerfield Township FD, and Search and Rescue teams swiftly mobilized to the scene. Employing a combination of landscape cues and audible signals, responders guided the lost man toward safety.

The man emerged from the woods in the vicinity of US-35, where he was promptly attended to by awaiting first responders. Upon his extraction from the wilderness, he was assessed by EMS personnel to ensure his well-being.

Subsequent to the evaluation by EMTs, the relieved individual was escorted to his residence, while members of Union Township FD retrieved his bicycle, ensuring his safe return home.

Thankfully, the man was found to be in good health following the ordeal and was discharged from the scene by EMS. However, details regarding any mushrooms found were left out of the report.