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Circleville – A 7,000 Dollar Lawn Mower Driven Off the Lot and Stolen from Rural King


Circleville – A 7,000-dollar piece of equipment was stolen from the local Circleville Rural king around 1 am on Tuesday

According to a press release police were called to Tractor Supply for an alarm drop. While on the scene officers noticed a lock had been cut off a fence and a tire lock had been cut off and removed off a Red Toro zero turn mower valued at around 7,000 dollars. Video footage showed how the man had stolen the vehicle, a white male who was wearing blue jeans and was shirtless cut the locks and somehow started the vehicle, he then drove it behind the store and traveled south into the tree line and west towards rail road track bridge behind Taylor Rental.

Police searched the area and found clues to the theft but not the zero turn, they have launched an investigation into the theft.

Earlier in the day a mini motorcycle was stolen also that story here: https://www.sciotopost.com/caught-in-the-act-circleville-police-stop-theft-of-mini-bike-at-rural-king/