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Arrested Again, Police Struggle to Arrest Attempted Murder Suspect in Chillicothe


Chillicothe – An officer was injured in an altercation with an indicted attempted murder suspect after a disturbance.

The incident all went down this morning when an officer responded to a domestic dispute call when he arrived he encountered a woman and two children exhibiting erratic behavior on April 15th, 2024. Initially, instructed by a fellow officer to evacuate the apartment due to their conduct, Claytor facilitated their exit before delving into the tumultuous situation unfolding inside.

Upon entering the apartment, Claytor bore witness to officers attempting to apprehend Jason Lytle amidst a commotion in the living area. Lytle, resistant and uncooperative, posed a significant challenge to law enforcement. As officers endeavored to restrain him, Lytle seized Claytor’s Taser, prompting a swift and decisive response.

Claytor, recognizing the imminent threat, employed force to disarm Lytle, striking his forearm to release the grip on the Taser. Despite this intervention, Lytle persisted in his defiance, seizing Claytor by the arm in a further attempt to evade apprehension.

In a collaborative effort, Claytor, along with Officer Campbell and Officer Sizemore, succeeded in escorting Lytle to a cruiser. However, Lytle’s resistance persisted, as he adamantly resisted, employing dead weight tactics and refusing to cooperate.

The struggle ensued as Lytle continued to resist, inflicting injuries upon Claytor in the process. Claytor sustained multiple scrapes and bruises, with his uniform bearing the brunt of the altercation, torn and damaged in the scuffle.

With the assistance of additional officers, Lytle was finally subdued and transported to the Ross County Jail. Claytor’s injuries and the damage to his uniform were meticulously documented, with photographic evidence compiled for inclusion in the case file.

Lytle is now charged with Robbery, assault, domestic violence, obstruction of official business, and resisting arrest.

Lytle was currently out on bond for an attempted murder charge where he supposedly pinned a man to a wall with his vehicle. That Story is here: https://www.sciotopost.com/caught-arrested-for-attempted-murder-in-chillicothe-after-smashing-men-with-vehicle/