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Cincinnati – County Prosecutor Declares War on Illegal Guns and Gun Violence in City


CINCINNATI – A Hamilton County prosecutor made a statement today that he is declaring war on gun crimes in the city after the wake of a shooting in a local park that killed and injured several people.

“We are declaring war on illegal guns and gun violence in Cincinnati,” said Prosecutor Joseph Deters, “I have directed all Assistant Prosecutors in my office that, effective immediately, there will be zero plea bargaining on any cases involving gun violence or possession of illegal guns.”

This statement was directed at the violent crime that has occurred in the city this year. Sunday night two people shot and killed when they fired guns at each other 16-year-old Milo Watson and 19-year-old Dexter Wright Jr. The shooting was over an argument that had been ongoing, in the park were another 500 people and several of those people were wounded in the shootout, including a 16-year old that is in critical condition.

“The situation at Smale Park last night is unacceptable. Two teenagers opened fire on each other in the middle of a densely-populated area of our city where our families regularly gather. Caught in the cross-fire were 3 innocent victims.

At some point, society needs to discuss the true issues at the root of this behavior. People may foolishly blame the weapon – but the fact of the matter is, for too long now, society has excused bad behavior perpetrated by bad people.

No more excuses. People must be held accountable for their choices. As a community, we must stand together and say “enough is enough.”

No amount of money can fix the problems we are facing. Parents must parent their children. Communities must speak up. Criminal behavior can no longer be tolerated and ignored. Until we insist on personal accountability, criminals will feel emboldened and the madness will continue.”