Home News Chillicothe’s Best House Lights for the Season Announced.

Chillicothe’s Best House Lights for the Season Announced.

The Christmas lights at Buchart gardens.

The City of Chillicothe Parks and Recreation Department announced today the winners of the holiday lights for the 2020 season.


1st: Cathy and John Zangri / 330 Piatt Ave

2nd: Randy Kelley / 694 Orange St.Tied 3rd: Halle Minney / 285 Church St.Tied

3rd: Tammy Wright / 302 Fairway Ave


1st: Justin and Randy Dunham / 137 Sharon Rd.

Tied 1st: Matt and Jen Cox / 634 W. 5th St.

Tied 3rd: Stanley Kennedy / 747 Jefferson Ave

Tied 3rd: Jason M. Adkins Sr. 341 Clay St. (please note there will be no 2nd place due to a tie for 1st)

Unfortunately, the city will not offer any transit bus tours this year due to COVID-19. A full list of all competitor’s addresses is available below. Any family wishing to visit the locations can start at any address they choose. As long as you stay in order from that point, the route should be fairly efficient.

341 Clay St.747 Jefferson Ave

891 Madison Ave (Tune your radio to the appropriate station for a light presentation)

56 Leggett Ave

225 Hirn St.

285 Church St.

577 Church St.

694 Orange St. (Santa will be available to wave to on Friday and Saturday 630p-8p)

679 Allen Ave

330 Piatt Ave

302 Fairway Ave

28 Fruithill (Tribute to ALS Awareness)

44 Falcon Drive

226 Granite Cliff Dr.

77 Timberlane Drive

10 Ledgewood Drive

137 Sharon Rd.

634 W. 5th St.