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Ohio Woman Arrested After Law Enforcement Finds Truck Bed Filled with 300 Pounds of Drugs


Thousands of Fentanyl Pills along with a significant amount of cocaine and marijuana seized during Arizona County Deputy’s Traffic Stop, the suspect from Ohio was traveling.

According to Yavapai County Sheriffs’ office, a deputy with the department conducted a traffic stop on north I17 just north of Cordes Junction, Arizona. The vehicle involved, a white 2016 Dodge Ram with Ohio plates, was observed speeding and failing to maintain the lane of travel. The driver and only occupant was identified as 39-year-old Crystal Briley from Ohio.

While speaking with Briley, the deputy could immediately detect the overwhelming odor of fresh marijuana. Briley was extremely nervous during the interaction and deceptive when answering questions. Based on the odor and Briley’s behavior, the deputy believed she was involved in some type of illicit drug activity. She denied there were any illegal drugs in the truck except for a small amount of marijuana in her purse. The deputy asked for her consent to search the truck which she denied.

As a result, the deputy requested a K9 unit to the scene to conduct a ‘free air’ exterior sniff around the truck. A Department of Public Safety trooper and his K9 arrived and during a walk around the vehicle, the K9 alerted to odor of illicit drugs. A search of the truck was conducted, and the following items were seized; more than 280 pounds of marijuana, 4 pounds of cocaine and approximately 8000 fentanyl pills. Briley denied the items were hers.

Detectives from the Partner’s Against Narcotics Trafficking team are furthering the investigation. Briley was arrested and booked into the Camp Verde Detention Center on charges including Possession and Transportation of Marijuana for Sale, and Possession of a Narcotic Drug and Narcotic Drug for Sale. Bond is set at $500,000.