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Chillicothe’s Advantage Tent Fittings Expands with New Manufacturing Technology


Chillicothe, Ohio (February 20, 2024) – Local business Advantage Tent Fittings celebrates a successful expansion project thanks to a partnership with JobsOhio and JEDISCO. The company, a multi-generational manufacturer of tent components and custom-sewn products, invested $80,000 in a new radio frequency vinyl sealing machine, boosting its capabilities and reaching new markets.

“The new machine has greatly expanded our manufacturing capabilities and enabled us to diversify into new markets that we could not have accommodated before,” said Hall. “This includes the manufacture of equipment used by emergency responders, military, and in medical settings.  We also recently launched a new operating division that offers cut, seal and sew manufacturing services for other companies.”

Modernizing for Growth:

The upgrade, supported by a $20,000 JobsOhio Inclusion Grant and a matching $20,000 grant from the Flour BWXT Opportunity Fund, replaces the company’s outdated “hot-wedge” technology. This innovative machine uses radio waves to create permanent, high-quality seams, opening doors to diverse product lines.

“Programs such as the JobsOhio Inclusion Grant are vital to enabling small business in Ohio to keep up with rapid changes in marketplace conditions including investing in new technology and production capabilities that enable local business to compete on a national level,” said Hall. 

From Pandemic Challenge to Opportunity:

Despite initial concerns about installing the machine during the pandemic, Advantage Tent Fittings found unexpected success. They pivoted production, utilizing the machine’s capabilities to manufacture much-needed vinyl privacy partitions for vaccine sites and medical settings.

Expanding Horizons:

This investment goes beyond immediate needs. The new technology allows the company to:

  • Diversify products: Manufacture equipment for emergency responders, the military, and medical settings.
  • Offer new services: Launch a division offering cut, seal, and sew services for other companies.
  • Increase competitiveness: Compete effectively on a national scale.

JobsOhio and JEDISCO: Making a Difference:

Ben Hall, President of Advantage Tent Fittings, emphasizes the crucial role of JobsOhio and JEDISCO in making this project possible. He believes the JobsOhio Inclusion Grant is a valuable tool for small businesses in Southeast Ohio, helping them bridge the gap for essential investments and compete effectively.

Benefits Beyond the Company:

Hall highlights the broader impact of such programs:

  • Upskilling the workforce: New equipment leads to more advanced job opportunities and attracts new talent.
  • Strengthening the local economy: Expansion translates to more jobs and economic growth within the community.