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Granville Land Lab Certified as Wildlife Haven for Students and Community


Granville, Ohio (February 20, 2024) – Exciting news for nature enthusiasts and young learners! The Land Lab at Granville Schools has officially earned the prestigious WILD School Site designation from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). This recognition marks a significant achievement for the nearly 100-acre outdoor learning space, making it the 206th such site in Ohio and the seventh within Licking County.

A Flourishing Habitat for Learning:

The Land Lab isn’t just a plot of land – it’s a thriving ecosystem teeming with diverse life. From blooming prairies bursting with over 30 plant species to early successional forests offering shelter, the environment caters to a variety of wildlife. Four wetlands and a vernal pool provide havens for migrating waterfowl and wading birds, while nest boxes and hawk posts further enrich the habitat for bluebirds, wood ducks, kestrels, owls, bats, and even nesting mallards. This biodiversity has attracted an impressive 176 documented bird species, creating a natural classroom for curious minds.

Learning by Doing:

The Land Lab isn’t just a passive observation space; it’s a hub for active learning. Hundreds of students, from kindergarteners to college-level learners at Denison University, engage with the Land Lab each year. This vibrant hub for environmental education started as an “action project” by AP Environmental Science students and continues to evolve thanks to their ongoing dedication. The WILD School Site designation further empowers these young stewards to make a real difference in wildlife conservation.

More Than Just a Label:

The WILD School Sites program, spearheaded by the ODNR Division of Wildlife, goes beyond mere recognition. It fosters a national effort called Project WILD, encouraging any educational space to become a platform for environmental learning. Whether it’s a small schoolyard or a vast nature preserve, WILD School Sites believe that every environment holds the potential to cultivate a deep appreciation for nature and inspire responsible stewardship. By demonstrating their commitment to program development and continuous improvement, the Land Lab earned its well-deserved certification as an official Ohio WILD School Site.

Discover Your WILD Connection:

If you’re curious about exploring WILD School Sites or seeking inspiration for your own outdoor learning adventures, head to wildohio.gov. There, you’ll discover a wealth of resources and opportunities to connect with nature and empower future generations to become responsible stewards of our environment.

This rewrite condenses the information while highlighting the key aspects of the Land Lab’s achievement and its significance for environmental education. It also incorporates engaging language and emphasizes the program’s broader impact.