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Chillicothe Police Respond to a Drive-by Shooting


CHILLIOCHTE – Chillicothe police responded to a drive-by shooting incident that occurred on 2/12/23

According to the Chillicothe police department, they were dispatched to the area of 300 Riverside St in reference to a shooting. Upon arrival, They made contact with the victim who showed police that her vehicle had been shot multiple times.

In the report, police said that, ” I observed two round holes in the front windshield that did not go all the way through. I observed two holes in the clear plastic of the driver’s side window. I also observed damage to the driver-side back window which had a chunk missing out of it along with another small hole where the window was shot. The entire window had cracked. I observed the back windshield had also been cracked from being shot.”

Police reported that a BB was located on the floor of the victim’s car and it was collected.

The victim stated that the incident could be juveniles.