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Chillicothe Police Reports Vehicle Paintballed in Drive-By


CHILLICOTHE – In November several individuals were caught after several nights of paintball shootings of homes, vehicles, and parking lots all over town, now the shootings may have started again.

According to Chillicothe police reports around 11:40 pm on 12/23/21 Chillicothe Police department responded to a criminal mischief complaint where the caller stated that someone had shot paintballs from a car parked at the church located at 7158 SR-772 as she drove by and hit her car.

Another victim said she was northbound on SR-772 in her 2022 dark blue Chevy Malibu when an older car with dim headlights passed her going southbound and shot her car with several paintballs.

When police checked the parking lot no suspects could be found, but in the report, they confirmed that the vehicles were indeed hit with paintballs.

Any information on the suspects with paintball guns please contact the Chillicothe Police department.