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Chillicothe Passed a Grass Clipping Ordinance Making Blowing Grass into Roads Illegal Should Circleville?


Circleville – In July of 2019 Chillicothe City Council passed an addition to an already passed ordinance to include grass clippings to the ordinance, making it illegal to blow clippings into the roadway because of possible motorcycle crashes.

Chilliocthes ordinance, 311.01 “placing injurious material or obstruction in street to include grass, leaves, and other debris.” Prior to the addition the Ordinance only included intent-to-harm debris like nails, bottles, glass, or other articles with intent to harm, and was subject to interpretation and according to police not applicable to grass, because the grass is only “harmful” to bikes for turning and breaking.

Grass clippings in roadways have become a viral discussion on many platforms, questioning the danger it imposes on motorcycles.

Circleville has a similar ordinance on the book without the added language it says, “311.01  PLACING INJURIOUS MATERIAL OR OBSTRUCTION IN STREET.  No person, with intent to cause physical harm to a person or vehicle, shall place or knowingly drop upon any part of a highway, lane, road, street or alley any tacks, bottles, wire, glass, nails or other articles which may damage or injure any person, vehicle or animal traveling along or upon such highway, except such substances that may be placed upon the roadway by proper authority for the repair or construction thereof. 

Making the adjustment would only take some language and a Council member to introduce the addition into the council.