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Chillicothe Mayor to Council on Land Bank, Bridge Street Plans, Facilities Tour, Water Break

Chillicothe Mayor Luke Feeney

Chillicothe — Council did not take any action Monday evening, but the mayor briefed them on a few significant topics.

Council had an agenda of five items, and for the first time in many sessions, they did not pass any legislation before its third and last reading.

Council also spent ten minutes in executive session on a “litigation update.”

Mayor Luke Feeney spoke to council about four topics. He said the Ross County / Chillicothe land bank, who had had a meeting that morning, has two grants that are expiring but will be replaced by two new grants.

One is for “brownfield” sites, which are moderately contaminated by pollution such as gasoline leaks or industrial products. The other is to remediate or rehabilitate buildings.

The second was two get-togethers with ODOT. The Ohio Department of Transportation wants speak to council on their plan to do some replumbing of North Bridge Street, which they publicly announced the start of about 2 1/2 years ago.

Council will have a talk with ODOT at their Eastern Avenue offices on March 4th, which will not be a public meeting. Then council will hold a review session, hosting ODOT and open to the public, March 11th.

Feeney said council members new and old have requested a tour of city facilities. He said it may take a couple hours, and he will work with council members’ availability to schedule it.

And last, the mayor explained a major water leak Sunday in Chestnut Street at Church Street. He said it was one of the worst in living memory, from a water mainline 10 or 12 inches in diameter that feeds up to the water tanks on Carlisle Hilltop.

He said the streets were like a skating rink with the large amount of water spread across them during the cold snap. Also, the repair site will be in bad shape until asphalt plants open in about a month and it can be repaved.

Hear the mayor in his own words in the below interview (along with my ‘clip art’).