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Chillicothe – Man Described as, “Talking out of His Head” Breaks into Neighbors Home with Hammer


CHILLICOTHE – Police arrested a 43-year-old man after a neighbor reported that he broke into his home and threatened him with a hammer.

The incident occurred around 8 pm on Friday 4/21/23 in the area of 140 blocks of Park Street apartments. When the Police arrived the neighbor said that a man who lives beside him just forced entry into his home and talking out of his head, he claimed the man had a hammer in his hand.

When police investigated they found the apartment with damage accurate to someone breaking in. After clearing the apartment, they then went to the neighbor’s apartment where they attempted to contact a “John.” At the apartment door, they could hear a male inside, and officers gave commands for the male to open the door, and the man complied.

During the erratic interview, the man identified as John Rohrer made several statements, “I don’t acknowledge your system,” when he was asked about the incident, When asked about the break-in John admitted to doing it and said, “he’s been raping me for three years,” and, “other predators were coming up the stairs, and at some point, I had one of m self-defense weapons.”

During the search of the apartment, they did not find the weapon that was described but found several other weapons around the apartment.

Rohrer was arrested for Aggravated robbery and taken to RCJ were he will be held into court.