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Chillicothe – Local Man Pays Thousands of Dollars in Bills at Walmart

Not actual photo of man photo:Walmart

Chillicothe – A Chillicothe Cashier said that a man came into the store and started paying for people’s Groceries, Toys, and Clothing to spread Christmas Cheer on Saturday.

According to the Cashier, the younger man walked into the store and stood around four cash registers and when people came up to ring out, he paid the bill.

“One after another, Toys, Electronics, Food, it didn’t matter,” a cashier told Sciotopost, “I’ve never seen anything like this locally, you see it on the news but it just doesn’t happen here. After he paid he looked at whoever just received that gift and said Merry Christmas.”

In total, the man spent 2,164.00 dollars at the store, but it did set off a small chain reaction.

“One lady who he attempted to pay her bill for said that she didn’t need it, she was living comfortably. He said, so pick someone out, and ill pay for theirs. The woman then looked around and found a young couple and he paid that bill.”

The man didn’t give his name but said that he owned a small business in town and wanted to give back, he said he loved the community.

“Over 50 people witnessed to have seen this, and reacted to it, most thanked him for his charity. 14 customers received his blessing today, he’s an angel,” said the cashier.

Merry Christmas whoever you are.